SENSIS: The senses of Islam


On behalf of the UEAI, we are pleased to announce that the Institute of Islamic and  Arabic Studies at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, is hosting the 30th congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants (UEAI), under the overarching theme of “Body, identity and society in Islam”. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the conference is rescheduled to 7-9 July 2022. The new deadline for registration and submission of your abstract is 1 May 2022. The deadline for the payment of conference fees is 1 June 2022.

We are delighted to invite you to Utrecht, which is home to the Netherlands’ biggest university. The tradition of Islamic and Arabic Studies at Utrecht University stretches back to the 17th century, and has produced the likes of Adriaan Reland (d. 1718), whose manifesto De religione mohammedica helped to launch the European academic study of Islam, Martinus Houtsma (1851-1943), editor of the first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam, and Theodoor Willem Juynboll (1866-1948), author of a well-known handbook on the Shāfiʿī school of law. Today, Islamic and Arabic Studies at Utrecht University are embedded in the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the Faculty of the Humanities, whose premises cluster around the Utrecht dome tower in the city centre.

According to al-Idrīsī (d. 1165), the city of Utrecht (Ustrīṭ) has many vineyards, meadows, horses, and a lot of water. Its inhabitants, al-Idrīsī relates, are noble, brave, and proud. Much of this, we are pleased to say, holds true to this day. Utrecht is a lovely city, replete with museums, churches, and cafés and restaurants along the several city canals. On a Friday, you’ll hear the adhān being called from the central mosque. The city’s train station is the major traffic hub of the Netherlands and can easily be reached from Schiphol Airport, but also from Paris, London and Frankfurt. If you’re planning to arrive by bike, Utrecht is home to the world’s largest biking garage.

The congress will take place in the Faculty of the Humanities in the city centre. On-site registration will start on the day of the opening session and will continue until the last day of the conference in the morning. At the end of the conference, the UEAI excursion will take place, a boat tour through Utrecht, with walking stops to visit a couple of the city sights.

Registration and deadline for abstracts

For online registration please visit this link. Or alternatively, you can fill in the attached registration form and send it back to The deadline for submitting the registration form and abstract of your paper is 1 May 2022. Please specify on the registration form the historical period and scholarly field the paper deals with.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts in English or French (max. 250 words), including the exact title of your paper (in the language of the presentation), is 1 May 2022. You can submit your abstract via the congress website or by email. We will make the abstracts available in print in due time. When you submit your abstract, please also indicate the kind of technical equipment that should be provided for your presentation. Papers will be presented within the framework of specific panels. The scheduled time allotted for each presentation will be of 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion.

Please note the following information with regard to COVID-19: In light of the recent developments, people may hesitate to register for the conference. The Netherlands, like many other European countries, has introduced a set of strict measures to navigate the crisis. We assume that the situation will have improved significantly by the summer, so that UEAI can take place on 7-9 July as planned. In case the conference cannot go through, fees for registration, dinner and excursion will be reimbursed.

Congress fees:

Congress fees for participation in Utrecht are as follows:

Participation UEAI members: 70€

Participation non-members: 100€

Accompanying persons: 40€

Congress dinner (8 July): 50€

Excursion (9 July): 50€

We kindly ask you to pay the congress fees and additional costs (excursion, farewell-dinner) via the congress website. You can pay the fees by clicking the links above. Please note that you need to add each part of the congress to your shopping cart separately by using the individual links.

The deadline for the payment of conference fees is 1 June 2022. There will be no possibility of paying the congress fees in cash at the registration desk of the congress. We shall confirm the receipt of your payment and your registration.

We will continue to send circulars with updated information on the developing plans for the conference.

For any further information, please contact the organising committee at the congress office.

Arriving to Utrecht

By plane: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main airport of the Netherlands. Utrecht is accessible from Schiphol Airport by taxi and train. A passenger railway station is located directly underneath the airport. In order to reach Utrecht Central Station, board the train in the direction of Nijmegen or Venlo.

By train: The high-speed train operators Thalys and Eurostar provide international railway services from Paris, Brussels, and London to Amsterdam Central Station and Rotterdam Central Station. In order to reach Utrecht from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, board the train in the direction of Utrecht Central Station. The high-speed train operator ICE International provides direct international railway services from Germany and Switzerland to Utrecht.

By car: The A2 is a major motorway that connects the city of Utrecht to the Dutch-Belgian border via the European routes E25 and E35. The A12 motorway connects Utrecht to Germany via the Bundesautobahn 3 (BAB 3) and the E30.

Accommodation in Utrecht

At the bottom of this letter, you will find a list of hotels of standard (3-star) and upper standard (4-star) categories, containing the details concerning the location and premises of the hotels.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Utrecht in the summer of 2022.

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Christian Lange, Dr. Mehdi Sajid and Dr. Joas Wagemakers


For correspondence:

UEAI2020 – Congress Office

c/o Prof. Dr. Christian Lange

Dpt. of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Utrecht University

Janskerkhof 13

3512 BL Utrecht

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)30 2531978/



List of hotels


Hotel NH Utrecht City Centre (***)

Janskerkhof 10

3512 BL Utrecht

Tel.: +31 30 231 3169

Tel. reservations: +31 20 70 18 042



Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 150 m


Apollo Hotel Utrecht City Centre (****)

Vredenburg 14

3511 BA Utrecht

Tel.: +31 (0)30 233 12 32



Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 600 m


Intell Hotels Utrecht Centre (****)

Smakkelaarshoek 24
3511 EC Utrecht

Tel.: +31 (0)30 202 09 90


Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 1,0 km


Star Lodge Hotels Utrecht (***)

Biltsestraatweg 92

3573 PS Utrecht

Tel.: +31 (0)30 800 04 01



Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 2,3 km


Hotel NH Utrecht (****)

Jaarbeursplein 24

3521 AR Utrecht

Tel.: +31 (0)30 297 7977, Tel. reservations: +31 (0)20 701 80 42



Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 1,4 km


Park Plaza Utrecht (****)

Westplein 50

3531 BL Utrecht

Tel.: +31 (0)30 292 52 00



Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 1,4 km


Hotel Ibis Utrecht (***)

Bizetlaan 1
3533 KC Utrecht

Tel: +31 (0)30 291 03 66



Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 3 km


Bastion Hotel Utrecht (***)

Mauritiuslaan 1

3526 LD Utrecht
Tel.: +31 (0)30 267 16 16


Distance to Janskerkhof 13: 4,9 km


The following websites provide further information:


University of Utrecht    

UEAI30 website            

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