SENSIS: The senses of Islam


CANCELLED: Public lecture by Prof. Abbas Amanat

This lecture has been cancelled We are happy to announce that Prof. Abbas Amanat from Yale University will present a lecture entitled “Tahereh Qorrat al-‘Ayn (1817-1852): A Messianic Proto-feminist’s Encounters with Modernity” on 7 October 2021 in Utrecht. Tahereh Qorrat al-ʿAyn was a poet, women’s right activist and key figure of the Iranian religious reform…

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Academy Colloquium “Whither Islamicate Digital Humanities? Analytics, Tools, Corpora”

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ROYAL NETHERLANDS ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, AMSTERDAM (NLD), 13-15 DECEMBER 2018 Funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences & the Netherlands eScience Center Hosted by the “Bridging the Gap” project, Utrecht University (NLD), and the Digital Islamic Humanities Project, Brown University (RI, USA) Keynotes: Elias Muhanna and Eric Atwell…

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Christian Lange awarded an eScience center project in Arabic digital humanities and KNAW colloquium grant

This project (to start 1 January 2018), run jointly with co-applicants Amr Ryad (Leuven) and Melle Lyklema (Utrecht), will support research in SENSIS in the area of Arabic Digital Humanities. For details, see the Digital Humanities tab on this website, and also Together with Ryad, Lange will co-host a conference on the topic at…

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